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Clean ceiling

Solving the problem rather than masking it

You'd be amazed at the types of everyday things that can cause damage to your ceiling, leading to a necessary professional cleaning job.


Things like smoke, cooking grease, dirt, and nicotine build up on your ceiling and painting over it simply masks the problem and does not solve it.


When you choose Ceiling Pro Metro, we solve it with an advanced chemical action sanitation system that eliminates the bond between the dirt and your ceiling.


All that built-up soil is reduced to micro-million sizes that are not even visible to the eye. It simply falls to the floor when we are through and picked up through regular vacuuming and air filtration.

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Ceiling Pro Metro

PO Box 94

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We are proud members of the Nebraska Restaurant Association, the Omaha Restaurant Association, and the Better Business Bureau!

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Our proven cleaning system

The Ceiling Pro Metro System first cleans and sanitizes with detergent. We then use a mildewstat that controls the growth of mold and mildew. After that, we apply a disinfectant and bactericide that works on salmonella, e-coli, shigella dysenteriae, and staphylococcus aureus.


We use our sanitizer and deodorizer on ceilings, tanks, floors, walls, chopping blocks, countertops, and surgical rooms. In addition, our virucide is used on hard surfaces and protects against things like Influenza A2 and Herpes Simplex.


Our system is designed to offer you a cleaner and healthier environment from bottom to top. We work in a variety of industries, including the restaurant industry and the medical industry, as well as in residential homes.


Ceiling cleaning