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Keeping your costs down

At Ceiling Pro Metro, we aim to keep costs down, but we will be up front with our prices and what we offer with the different jobs we do.


Cleaning, ceiling installation, and painting is included with every job, but we also offer much more.


Our costs run from labor and material costs to supplies and equipment. You'll also find extras like mildew control, sanitization, and virus control.


You choose what you want based on your budget and your needs and we'll deliver.

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Ceiling Pro Metro

PO Box 94

Gretna, NE 68028

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Compare our prices

When you see what we offer and the price tags behind them, you can make an educated decision on what services you want and what services you don't want.


Compare all costs here and make a decision on what you want including in your ceiling repair or installation.


When you've finished going over our cost comparison, read on and learn about the past clients we have served with professionalism and care.

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• Proposals prepared in advance for review (customer chooses the  work authorized)

• On site demonstration or test tile  available before commitment.

• Quality Control followup